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8 Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas

16th Sep 2015

The kitchen is your hub. It’s where you prepare your food, it’s where you wash your dishes and it’s probably where you spend much of your time of the time. 

Because of this, it’s also the first place that people go when they want to find you. And, since you spend lots of time in it, you’ll want it to look good with lots of natural light, which usually means choosing the right window treatments.

Save for the usual curtains, though, most people barely have any idea as to what window treatments or window coverings are best for their kitchens.

Worry not, though, as these window treatment ideas should help you with that.

  • 1.Roller shades  Granted, these window treatments aren’t the most interesting or attractive option. (Seriously, when’s the last time you complimented how good someone’s roller shades looked?) But, they do get the job done, especially in the kitchen. You can easily pull them down for privacy, or roll them back up to let some light in. Also, if it gets wet, you can easily wipe them down as well.
  • 2.Plants  Technically, these aren’t window treatments, but plants do look quite well, especially for those that don’t need complete privacy in their kitchen. The use of plans adds a bit variety and uniqueness in your kitchen. Plus, light can still come through it and you do get lots of color. The herbs don’t hurt as well, since they may come in pretty handy every now and then.
  • 3.Faux Wood Blinds  Another great option is faux wood blinds. They’re natural ventilators, naturally durable and don’t warp or fade. They’re also rather easy to clean, which is great for those who tend to have messy kitchens.
  • 4.Cordless Shades  Get these for the very same reason that you get roller shades, but you don’t want to deal with long winding cords anymore. For more Info: Honeycomb Shades
  • 5.Shutters  Shutters give complete privacy and give that great curb appeal. They’re also cordless too, naturally. Better yet, they’re easy to clean and wipe things off of, which is great for the kitchen. Unfortunately, they’re not the best looking and don’t always fit well with kitchens. But, if they do look good in yours, then you may want to consider shutters as your kitchen window treatment of choice.
  • 6.DIY Pillow Case Curtains  If you’re a bit short on budget, or if your kitchen windows aren’t exactly all that big, or if both apply, then pillow cases make for great substitute window curtains. All you have to do is to attach them to a curtain road using basic curtain clips, no sewing and definitely no hassle. I recommend the king-sized ones, though, for a better fit.
  • 7.Statement Curtain Rods (w/ Curtains)  Curtains don’t usually belong in the kitchen, mainly because the kitchen is messy and curtains aren’t easy to clean. But, if they don’t get messed up often, they might actually work. You can even accentuate your kitchen even further by buying statement curtain rods, or whatever makeshift curtain rod you can think of, to make your kitchen look even more unique.
  • 8.Cellular and Solar Shades  These window treatments will usually help block out UVA and UVB rays, which is great to help protect your kitchen from too much sun. They also do so while still allowing some light in. Plus, they’ll also fit perfectly in the right kitchen.

There you have it. 8 helpful ideas that will help you find a way to decorate and embellish a place as functional as that of a kitchen.And best yet, our blinds are budget friendly too!