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Unique Ideas for Your Office Window Treatments

16th Sep 2015

Office Window Ideas: When you’re planning to have your office redesigned, there are lots of things that you’d have to consider.

From your desk, to your cabinets, to your chair and even your flooring, all of these are going to play important parts in choosing the right design for your new office space. But, just as crucial as these are would be your window treatments.

Many people neglect the importance of home office window treatments, often choosing to just go with whatever they can think of. While this “may” work, most of the time it doesn’t. And, mind you, choosing the wrong sort of window treatments can set a rather depressing tone and mood for your entire office space.

As such, it’s important to invest in, not only high-quality window treatments, but also, ones that actually complement the overall décor of your office and look that you’re looking for.

To help you with that, here are a few tips, as well as a few unique ideas, to help you pick out window treatments for your new office space.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to be Creative!

If you’re feeling a bit more creative, contact paper, a pattern, something you can use to write and of course, an X-act knife (or something as sharp and as maneuverable) can help you get rid of any window treatments and turn your window into something else.

This is great for those who don’t really have much say about the permanent design of their office or office space as it’s easy to peel off the contact paper.

If your office uses roller shades for the windows (which many offices do), you can try improving them by laminating wallpapers right onto the shades itself. Doing so should help take care of the shades’ lack of distinct style, as well as help improve the overall look of your office without costing you much.

There really are plenty of ways for you to improve and decorate the windows in your office to make it less dull and far more conducive for work.

All you have to do is let loose and be a bit more creative.

  • Splurge a bit

Whether or not you have your own office, or just a simple office space (such as a cubicle), you’ll want to invest well in a window treatment that doesn’t appear shoddy or cheap.

When shopping, consider buying high-quality products from well-known manufacturers. Though, don’t spend too much as well if your office space isn’t exactly permanent.

  • Block out the noise

Whether it’s a home office, or a traditional office, you’ll want to block out as much noise as possible. One way to do this is to invest in the right window treatments.

Shutters are a good choice, but they don’t always work. Plus, if it’s a home office, your neighbors will probably think of you as a shut-in every time you close your shutter when things get a little bit noisy.

An even better choice would be investing in curtains or heavy drapes that are made out of wool or velvet. They’re quite thick, help with insulation and definitely will help cut down on some unnecessary noise pollution as you work.

  • The illusion of space

Not everyone is blessed to work with an office that’s as large as they’d like it to be. Even those with large offices feel that it’s too small for whatever purpose they’re using it for. But, chances are, your office isn’t exactly all that small, it just looks like it.

Using the right set of window treatments, such as curtains, can help make your room feel and look a little bit larger.

Airy curtains such as those made out of lightweight cotton are a worthy investment for this purpose. Make sure that you choose right appropriate colors as well – green for creativity, yellow for positive vibes or energy, or blue for some peace or serenity.

Whether you want your “home office” to feel like the real thing, or the traditional office to feel like home, investing in the right set of window treatments will help you out a lot!