Norman® Portrait™ Honeycomb Shades

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Versatile, Energy Efficient Cordless Cell Shades. 
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SmartRise™ Cordless Life System:
Norman's patented SmartRise™ Cordless Lift System enables easy raising and lowering of shades. Great for difficult to cover large windows!

Safe Operation: The self-leveling shade is Certified Best for Kids for its safe operation. 

Motorized: Raise or lower shades with the push of a button. Norman's quiet, energy efficient motors deliver convenience and consistent performance.

SmartFit™ :  The award-winning, cordless shade adjusts from the top or bottom with no dangling cords in the middle for unobstructed views and less light leakage. 

Light Control: Control how much light enters your room. Choose from a translucent sheer to light filtering to room darkening or fabrics for day and night.lll